Thursday, October 04, 2007

Instinct, will, thought, reason, faith

During study of Blaise Pascal's "Pensees" I note that one can have will without thought. For instance, animals "will" but can't do math. Instinct in animals is akin to a primitive form of will. Animal instinct evolves in man to will and thought emerges too bringing reason into existence. Instinct did not exist before evolution of animals. So, with progress of evolution from matter to life there is emergence of attributes such as instinct, will, thought, etc. that pertain to conscious being. Instinct, will, thought, reason are concomitant ingredients of consciousness.

These and others are surely seeded in existential mass itself by knowing intention and their emergence proves existential meaning and purpose to the cosmos.

One must wonder if faith is the opposite of will. Not exactly, I think. But while faith is not intention it could be characterized as the yielding to "intrinsic" intention, intention embedded in fundamental reality itself.

Seeing there is something here, in existence, in the Real, beyond my understanding, beyond my ability to fully grasp and hold as "my" own knowledge, while I apprehend benevolence therein, I yield, suspend "my" will. That, I think, is faith.

I accept that the Real is a divine mystery the discovery of which is infinite action of the unknown. Life is the platform for this process and consciousness is the tool. Faith is a mechanism, perhaps "the" mechanism, of sentient life to participate fully in this cosmic purpose and meaning.