Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gate Opener

Sheesh! I was out on my bicycle ride. It was cloudy for awhile. When the sun came out I reached in my pocket for my sun glasses. When I pulled them out my gate/garage opener came with them. I heard it hit the pavement. I said out loud, "oh shit!" as my rear wheel ran over the opener. I stopped and laid the bike down in the middle of the road and walked the few paces back to where I saw the pieces laying on the pavement. There was the printed circuit board, the cover, the insert that constituted the "buttons", and the base. I collected and inspected these. All appeared intact except the cover which was missing a three eights of an inch of plastic on one of the short edges. Still I was able to fit it all back together. Then the ride home. I was in the ninth mile of my thirteen plus mile ride. So I got to consider for another forty minutes or so whether the device was ruined, and to what extent. I got to the gate. It worked! Seven tenths of a mile later I got to the garage. It worked! Life is good.