Saturday, June 24, 2006


Hey, I will be back. In a few. Busy here pouring a slab. Dealing with "K" bike issues. Contemplating the blogiverse. Fixing this damn hernia. Humbling myself. Life is interesting and imminently worth living for the present. The grass grows, the garden too. The grasshoppers are in a sharing mood so there is some produce to enjoy. Tomatoes too. Haven't stepped on a snake lately. That bee swarm I heard today passed me by, didn't infect my house or outbuildings as they once did. It rains. The sun shines. The summer solstice is on me but the temperature is mild, only in the 90s these past few days.
Tacking into the wind pulls at my mind. My intention. Interesting, that. So easily we slip into valencies. A part of me now spins in that direction pulling at the available personal resources, duty calls though I never resolved to build a cathedral of mindstuff, or, more apt, a hovel, in a narrow alley well off the main thoroughfare. This blog thing. For whom do I write? You two or three anons? Myself? Writing itself? I think the latter.
I will be back but maybe not for long.

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